slow cruising

Our yacht is docked at a popular marina right outside of Athens and mainly sails to islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades, as well as the Ionian Sea, but any other destination in Greece can also be considered for creating your perfect vacation. Our suggested itineraries have been carefully designed to account for several important factors, including destination authenticity and appeal, cultural and natural characteristics, local charm and cuisine, and historical and archaeological significance, with a focus on less touristy and more off the beaten path destinations.


Cruises are all-inclusive (fuel, food and beverages, snacks, beer and wine, and VAT) except for gratuity.  All food is freshly prepared on board using local, natural ingredients.  All short cruises depart from/return to Athens.

Sunset Cruise to Athenian Riviera – 999€

Depart @5:30 pm and return @8:30 pm, max passengers 9


Half-Day Cruise to Athenian Riviera – 1.500€

Depart @9 am and return @2 pm, max passengers 9

Depart @3 pm and return @8 pm, max passengers 9


Daily Cruise to Aegina Island – 2.500€

Depart @9 am and return @6 pm, max passengers 9

2-Day Cruise to Aegina + Poros Islands – 4.000€

Depart @9 am and return the next day @8 pm, max passengers 7

3-Day Cruise to Aegina + Poros + Hydra Islands – 5.000€

Depart @9 am and return after two days @8 pm, max passengers 7


We also specialize in special event cruises (receptions, parties, bachelor/bachelorette, wedding and engagement cruises, photo sessions, etc.).
Please contact us for special pricing and more information.


*Seasonal times apply according to daily sunset time.


Our itineraries are based on weekly charters (8 days, 7 nights).

We will do our best to accommodate you, depending on availability. All suggested itineraries can also be executed in the reverse order. When the cruise requires embarking or disembarking from a point other than the yacht’s home port, positioning charges (delivery/redelivery fees) may be required and destinations with airports are strongly recommended.


We offer very competitive rates, straightforward pricing, and exceptional value compared to private crewed charter yacht industry standards.
The fixed base rate depends on the season you will be slow cruising:

High Season (June 1 – August 31) : 15.000€ / Weekly Rate, 2.500€ / Daily Rate
Low Season (all other dates) : 12,000€ / Weekly Rate, 2,000€ / Daily Rate

Please note that these rates do not include VAT and APA:
Value Added Tax (VAT) – 12% of the base rate.
VAT is a mandatory government tax.
Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) – 30% of the base rate.

The APA deposit covers the cost of fuel, food and beverages, marina fees and other necessary expenses.
Any remaining, unused funds are refunded to customers at the end of the cruise. See separate FAQ.
Gratuity of 10%-15% is suggested if you are happy with the quality of the service.


Beaches and Sun in the Cyclades


Antiquities & Culture in the Argosaronic